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The Fatal Journey across the Mediterranean Sea

For millions of people who reside in a different country from their hometown, migration signifies a chance for a better life for themselves and their families. However, many have had to pay a hefty price for their quest, as they encounter inconceivable and often fatal dangers along the way. Some spend their lifetime savings or take on massive debts and risk their lives in exchange for the promise of a new beginning.

The crossing of the Mediterranean Sea is life- threatening. According to a United Nations (UN) report, at least 33,761 migrants died or went missing between 2000 and 2017, making it the world's deadliest migration route. Despite the risks of crossing the water in frail boats, the situation on the ground remains grim. Thousands of men, women, and children are crossing the sea in search of a better life. The journey across the desert is also dangerous as people are at risk of being imprisoned, tortured, malnourished, and sexually abused. Some people have reported having their passports revoked, leaving them susceptible to gangs and militias.

Many deaths occur in remote parts of the world and are never recorded, therefore the true number of fatalities is likely to be greater. According to experts, for every body discovered, there are at least two more that are never recovered.

The harsh reality is that for every body that washes up on the EU border or in the desert, a family back home is left in the dark, unsure whether their loved one is dead or living. In the absence of information concerning the fate of loved ones, families are unable to begin the mourning process and forever live with uncertainty.

This does not have to be your reality, you do not have to risk your life on a journey so dangerous while you can you can thrive where you are. We can collectively come together and build a better Senegal and secure the future for our children.

You can also choose the legal route whether on a study Visa, work permit. For more information on how to migrate legally visit

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